I first met the Maldives because of the story of McDull. In the film, the piglet McDull always muttered: "Maldives, where the coconut trees shadows, the water is clear, the blue sky and white clouds are located in India...

I first met the Maldives because of the story of McDull. In the film, the piglet McDull always muttered: "The Maldives, where the coconut tree shadows, the clear water, the blue sky and white clouds, is a paradise on the Indian Ocean..." The husband is a tourist paradise in McDull's dream. It is so persistent that I remember the name of the Maldives and made me want to go.

So, when the opportunity really comes, the Maldives is certainly my best choice. Because time is abundant, and I am going abroad for the first time, everything before the trip is of course personally checked and prepared by me, including travel agencies. My friend recommended to travel enough to travel, I also personally went to understand, the service attitude is very good, the price makes me very excited, and there are many small details of the tips that make me very moved. When a person travels, what he wants is the feeling of being taken care of. I also chose Manafaru Island, which is recommended by Travel Network, which is TBH. In the past few days in the Maldives, it shows that this is a rare travel agency. I think my trip will be given to me later. it.

When I got out of the Male Hall, I saw the black man from the seaside cabin pick me up. I finally believed that the land under my feet was called the Maldives.

TBH is a pure island, you can't see a piece of paper, you can't find a plastic bag, and you don't have a cigarette butt. The hotel's service is very good, with a fruit every day and a welcome bottle of red wine on the first day. I can take it, I will bring it, hehe. The facilities of the hotel don't need me to say it, so enjoy it.


The cabin I live in, at the end of the water house, is still in a good position to enjoy the beauty of the setting sun. There is also a couch, not for sitting, but for lying. Blowing the sea breeze, watching the sea outside the glass under the feet, drinking fragrant coffee, a person is also very romantic.



There is a spa on the island, which is the largest facility on the island. What I am most interested in is the "Ice and Fire Two Heavens" of the SPA Center. One is the hot pool and the other is the ice pool. The technician tells me that there are bubbles on both sides. Of course, I will not miss such an opportunity. Lose weight! I like swimming very much, but on the island for a few days, the wind is very strong, not suitable for swimming, so I only went down a few feet and came up, a little regret, but the most romantic time, I already have . Because of the days in the Maldives, I have fallen in love with it.

When you stay on the island, no matter what time you get up, no matter what day or night, it is no longer important. Time is completely meaningless here. Sitting on the beach, you can see the ends of the earth; lying under the meteor, you can count the endless dreams; jumping into the transparent sea, you can make a happy fish; shake in the hammock, you can sleep endless.


I have never been to the Maldives. I can’t think of it anyway. What kind of beauty is this night scene? It is precisely because of the boundless darkness of the sea at night that the stars are more and more bright. Only in the vast Indian Ocean at night can you see the greatness of the "global galaxy": all the stars are arranged in a three-dimensional structure, and the range that can be seen by the naked eye is divided into more than a dozen levels. They flashed and flashed, let me forget the terrible darkness, and the lovers embraced as if they had entered the illusion space. And I don't feel lonely, the Maldives is my lover, I feel warm in his arms.


My footprints stayed in the sea. In fact, what’s left, not just my footprints...

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