On Friday (November 25th), the US dollar/yen exchange rate was lower than the previous year's value of the core annual consumer price index in Tokyo in November and Japan’s national core consumer price index, which was not as high as the previous year’s value. It was now shocked at 77.38. cast.

Data released on Friday showed that Japan's core consumer price index fell by 0.5% in Tokyo in November, and the previous value fell by 0.4%; Japan's national core consumer price index fell by 0.1% in October, and the previous value rose by 0.2%.

Analysts pointed out that from a technical point of view, the 1 hour chart shows that the exchange rate has oscillated around the 20-hour moving average and the technical indicators have gradually been flattened, indicating that the exchange rate has no clear direction. The 4 hours chart also shows that the exchange rate will still be within the range.

It also pointed out that the USD/JPY support is located at 77.10, 76.75, 76.50 and the resistance is at 77.50, 77.75, 78.05.


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