In the past few days, the Xuancheng Tourism Bureau of Anhui Province has conscientiously implemented the spirit of the tourism informationization promotion conference in the province, and combined with the actual situation of Xuancheng, launched ten major initiatives to actively promote the informationization and tourism industry...

In the past few days, the Xuancheng Tourism Bureau of Anhui Province has conscientiously implemented the spirit of the tourism informationization promotion conference in the province, and combined with the actual situation of Xuancheng, launched ten major initiatives, actively promoted the integration of informationization and tourism industry, and promoted the transformation of tourism economic development mode. Promote the change of tourism industry management mode, marketing mode and tourism information dissemination mode, promote the transformation and upgrading of tourism industry, and make tourism informationization provide strong technical support for building a strong tourism city.

Their specific practices are:

A serious organization of learning and implementation of the spirit of the meeting. Report to the municipal government on the spirit of the tourism informationization promotion conference in the province, and organize the spirit of the learning conference in the Xuancheng tourism system. It requires all localities and units to combine their actual and provincial requirements to learn, implement and implement the province. The spirit of the meeting.

Second, the Xuancheng Tourism Informationization Leading Group was established. The head of the mayor, the tourism, finance, economic and trust committee, public security, mobile, telecommunications, China Unicom, vocational and technical colleges and other departments as members, set up an office, the office is located in the Municipal Tourism Bureau. Major issues are determined by the informatization leading group, which is responsible for the specific implementation.

Third, vigorously implement the "Smart Xuancheng" tourism information project. Actively research and build the “Smart City” technology platform, and accelerate the establishment of a tourism destination marketing service platform based on the tourism information center database, which integrates tourism product marketing, tourism public service and tourism management.

Fourth, the Xuancheng Tourism Information Center was established. Xuancheng Tourism Work Steering Committee agreed in principle to set up a city tourism information center, equipped with full-time staff and arranged special funds for information construction. Grasp the city's editorial office to request the establishment of Xuancheng Tourism Information Center. Strive to include tourism informationization construction funds in the annual budget. In conjunction with the construction of Xuancheng Tourism Distribution Center, a tourism information service facility and a call service center will be established.

Five organizations carry out mutual inspection of tourism information. According to the spirit of the province's tourism informationization promotion conference and Xuancheng tourism informationization work site meeting, in accordance with the requirements of the Xuancheng Tourism Enterprise Information Collection Standard, the Xuancheng Tourism Management Department will be in charge of the informatization construction work in charge of the leadership and staff. The city tourism informationization work was cross-checked, and the problems and shortcomings in the tourism informationization construction of Xuancheng City were solved on the spot to promote the tourism informationization construction of Xuancheng City.

6. Effectively improve the service and management capabilities of the main players in the tourism market. The Xuancheng Tourism System is required to be based on information, thinking, researching and promoting tourism. Fully open the online supervision system of Xuancheng tourism enterprises, open “online comment system” for Xuancheng travel agencies, scenic spots, star-rated hotels and farmhouses, promote “word-of-mouth marketing” and “peer-to-peer online supervision”, and improve public travel complaints and evaluation feedback channels. . Establish a Xuancheng tourism basic information database system to promote the “co-construction and sharing” of information resources. Accelerate the construction of online sales platform for tourism products in Xuancheng City, and actively promote online sales of tourism products and online customer service. Improve the various management QQ groups of Xuancheng Tourism, realize “flat management services”, save administrative costs, and improve work efficiency.

Seventh, accelerate the construction of tourism enterprise websites. Rely on and leverage the advantages of Xuancheng Tourism Website Cluster to encourage and reward tourism companies to build websites. More than 3A scenic spots, Samsung hotels and travel agencies will open the website before the end of the year, and assign information officers who understand the travel business and can operate the computer more skillfully. The tourism management department and the tourism enterprise have to improve and upgrade the website, and all of them realize the interconnection and intercommunication with Xuancheng Tourism Network, and play the role of Xuancheng Tourism Website Cluster Information Center to solve the problem of “information island” in the tourism enterprise website. All tourism companies have accelerated the construction of tourism websites and the development of application systems.

Eight increase network marketing. Make full use of online channels such as portals, forums, blogs, and Weibo to conduct online marketing. Incorporate network marketing funds into Xuancheng funds. Increase the quality of travel information and improve the quality of manuscript submissions, and regularly report.

Nine strengthen professional network training for information professionals and informants. Organize Xuancheng tourism informationization staff to study and study, learn from the successful experience in the field.

Ten started the construction of Xuancheng Tourism Network English website. Strive to open before the end of the year.

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