• Model NO.: shipping to the Mediterranean
  • Destination: Bulgaria,Ukraine,Turkey, Romania,Georgia, Crimea
  • Total Supply: 8000-10000 kg
  • Cargo Type: General Cargo
  • Container Type: 20ft, 40gp, 40hq, FCL. LCL
  • Company′s Ability: Many Trained and Experienced Elites
  • Effective and Cost-Saving Service: Humanized Service,Price&Professioal Recommendation
  • Service Strength: Highly Flexible and Secured Shipping Service
  • Ports of Loading: Foshan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Ningbo, Shanghai
  • Trademark: Compass
  • Origin: China
  • Shipment Type: FCL and LCL
  • Departure: Basic Ports in China
  • Transit Time: 15-30 Days
  • Departure Day: Thursday
  • Service: All-Aspects, Consideration
  • Shipping Company: Biggest Shipping Company(Msk, EMC, Msc, Oocl)
  • Service Advantages: Picking up, Warehousing, Consolidation
  • Our Company Goal: Efficiency, Competitive Freight Rate for Clients
  • Ports of Discharge: Alexandria,Damietta,Port Said,Beirut,Lattakia etc
  • Specification: FCL; LCL; Consolidation
  • HS Code: 1000000000
Compass is an A-class freight forwarder company, established in 2002. We are a large-scaled company and in the shipping field for nearly 13 years.

We have developed a good co-operative partnership with many world-renowned shipping companies and signed agreements with many famous carriers in the world, such as YANGMING,MSK,OOCL,EMC,WANHAI,COSCO,MSC,CHINASHIPPING,PIL etc.

We try our best to provide our clients "one-stop-service", and all-aspected services are as follows:
1. International seafreight and airfreight,Express
2. Warehousing&distribution both in China and abroad
3. Consolidation
4. Customs brokerage
5. Trucking
6. ustoms clearance
7. Cargoes insurance
8. Cargo checking
9. Global logistics services

Basic ports to load in China:
Basic ports to discharge in the East Mediterranean countries:
  Alexandria Damietta Port Said Beirut Lattakia Ashdod Haifa Limasool Izmir
Dalian, China                  
Tianjin, China                  
Qingdao, China                  
Shanghai, China                  
Ningbo, China                  
Wenzhou, China                  
Xiamen, China                  
Shantou, China                  
Shenzhen, China                  
Guangzhou, China                  
Foshan, China                  
Dongguan, China                  
Chaozhou, China                  
Hongkong, China                  

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