A news report stated that China’s e-commerce transaction volume in 2015 is expected to exceed RMB 2 trillion, surpassing the United States as the world’s largest e-commerce market.

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) reported that in mainland China, online retail sales have almost quadrupled from 2008 (1280 billion yuan) to 2010 (476 billion yuan). Last year, 23% of the urban population was shopping online. .

The report emphasized that by 2015, the proportion of total retail sales of e-commerce transactions in mainland China will increase from 3.3% this year to 7.4%.

Waldemar Jap is a Hong Kong partner of BCG and accepts scmp. Com said in an interview: "It can be expected that China's online shopping will grow exponentially in 2015."

According to the report, about 145 million Chinese have online shopping experience, compared with 170 million for Americans. This figure is expected to exceed 329 million in the next four years, which means that about 46 million people will be shopping online for the first time each year.

The rapid growth of the industry has benefited from relatively low transportation costs as well as affordable and widely used Internet access services. In China, the average postage cost for a 1kg parcel is $1, while in the United States it is $6.

Jap said: “In terms of online shopping, Chinese consumers have undergone great changes. They no longer have little knowledge of the industry and already have considerable experience and adaptability.” “We believe that the majority of online shoppers spend in the next five years. Will double."

The report surveyed 4,000 consumers in more than 20 mainland cities and found that online shoppers spend an average of 3,100 yuan per year online.

More than half of the respondents were "lightweight consumers." They spend less than 2,000 yuan a year, and 7% of respondents are "ultra-heavy consumers" spending more than 10,000 yuan a year.

Hubert Hsu is a senior partner of BCG and a co-author of the report. He said: “Meeting the emotional needs of these super heavyweight consumers in China will be the key to success in the Chinese e-commerce market.” “When pricing Instead of simply adopting a simple price cut strategy, it is very important to ask their advice."

Unlike other countries and regions, in China, access to the Internet can be much more than just top-tier physical retailers, making shopping portals a more effective channel of contact with customers than traditional chain stores.

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