The renminbi-dollar exchange rate has continued its upward trend last year and has hit a new high since the exchange reform. It once touched the 6.3 mark. Industry insiders suggest that the public can receive redemption in time after receiving the US dollar.

On the morning of the 5th, Ms. Cheng received a U.S. dollar remitted by relatives from overseas, and asked the bank’s Jianghan Sub-branch to inquire about the bank’s staff. Wu Dan, the lobby manager of the bank, introduced that due to the approaching Spring Festival, many locals working abroad are accustomed to sending some foreign currency to relatives in Wuhan via remittances, usually in US dollars, and these days basically every day the public To handle this type of foreign exchange business.

It is understood that on the first trading day of this year, the RMB exchange rate between the central bank and the US dollar in the China Foreign Exchange Trading Center has once again set a new high since the exchange reform. On June 19, 2010, when the central bank resumed the reform, the renminbi regained its appreciation against the US dollar. The middle price has risen by more than 7% so far. Although there was a wave of devaluation in December last year, the overall appreciation trend still remains.

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