Enshi Grand Canyon

Before I went to Enshi, I did not understand this place. But when I set foot on this land, although I hurried for three days and only spy on it, I had fallen deeply for her.

I once lived with them on the Diaojiaolou, ate meat for the next year, drank alcohol, drank oil-tea soup, sang dragon boat tunes, and danced with dancing hands... In this cradle of the Tujia people—the birthplace of Ba people and the cradle of growth, The source of this Ba culture does not need to be deliberately pursued. The beautiful scrolls are readily available. Located here in the Wuling Mountains, the style is primitive, agile and poetic.

Enshi impression

One page travels through the city for a thousand years

Enshi is called Enshi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture because it has been surrounded by mountains for thousands of years. Therefore, the beautiful natural scenery and unique folk customs of Enshi can be preserved. The chieftain system is a political management system in which the feudal dynasty carried out ownership of the central and autonomous powers in ethnic minority areas. In the urban area of ​​Enshi, it has preserved a hometown Tujia king city which is currently the most complete domestic preservation.

Visit this stylish city wall, like through the tunnel of time and space, Tujia's traditional living customs are vividly displayed. The chieftain only claims to the government of the Central Dynasty Nagung. The land does not belong to the territory of the central government and the population does not belong to the family of the central government. Therefore, the chieftain of the land is the land of the emperor. He lives and kills the king. As soon as he entered the city of Toshi, he saw a pavilion of water, and the small building was quaint. It was a place where the former toast and his family rested. Going forward, you can see the entrance of the toast city into the center of the entrance of the toast city. There are two white tigers waiting at the entrance. It is said that the white tiger is the tomb of the Tujia ancestors and is also a totem of the Tujia nationality. The Jiujintang is built on a hillside and is magnificent. From the foot of the hill, it is a wooden structure with pure and solid wood. The bottom is supported by several large wooden piles. Use a nail. Looking around, the corners of the pavilions and towers, flying claws on top of the floor, are scattered high and low, and are beautiful and magnificent. Back to the place where Tusi lived and managed the government affairs, he went through an old house and the mystery of the Tusi culture was uncovered.

There were so many surprises for me here. Many tourists walked back in the first half and folded back. I walked slowly forward, turned through the nine entrance halls, entered the Junjun, and passed the storm bridge, climbing all the way to the mountain to take advantage of the situation. The 2,000-meter-long wall that was built on the beacon of fire provoked ancient thoughts until it reached the top of the Hmong Kok Pavilion in one breath, and watched the sky glow in the evening. After three hours of traveling through Tujia and traveling through the thousand years, the excursion to the first attraction of Enshi made me realize that this trip will be very exciting.

The folk performance in the Tusi building.

Super shocking Teng Longdong magnificent water rush

Knowing for the first time that Tenglong Cave is in "China National Geographic", this magazine called it "China's six most beautiful tourist caves - shocking Tenglong Cave" and it is said to be the largest cave in Asia. Before I walked to Tenglong Cave, I really felt that the cave I had seen before was really too small. The huge hole was rising up. The height of 74 meters, the width of 64 meters, and the majestic momentum approached. The building is placed at the entrance of the cave and it is estimated that there is no cave elevation yet. Enshi locals who listened to peers said that the area of ​​the cave is more than 2 million square meters. In other words, 300,000 people from Icheon are put in, and each person has 6-7 square meters of space. When I walk into the cave, it feels like the temperature is ten degrees Celsius lower than the outside. Although it is only early in the fall, it is like winter here. We can't walk in the sun's rays and we cannot walk in the sun. No wonder there is a rental business at the door, and the drivers who drive the car in the cave all wear military coats.

The cave was dark, but the eyes quickly got used to the darkness. The battery car pulled us to the Yishui Lichuan song and dance performance hall. It was a dance that told the Tujia legends and stories. The actor was very seductive, if it was the first time Very good, through it can understand some of the local customs and legends. After watching it, we continued along the road and passed the dark lights. We began the journey of exploration. The cave is really wonderful. There are various kinds of stalagmites and stalactites in the caves. How big the water flow here before? Get out of such a big cave. At present, the Tenglong Cave is not yet fully developed. Some of them have no lights and can't see people. It wasn't until people in the vicinity heard that they were approaching.

In the Grand Canyon, I met Tujiamei.

The canyon is haunting like a ghost

The Enshi Grand Canyon is a few tens of kilometers from downtown, but the road is not good. When you enter the canyon, you need to walk for an hour to hover around the mountain road. There are many bends. When you are sitting in a car, the driver finally says something. The gorge that we have taken is a scenic spot that has been developed. It takes about 8 kilometers and it takes 3-4 hours to walk down. It is a test of strength. The valley is very steep and the landscape is excellent. At the Zhongtian Gate, I saw a peak like a knife standing in front of the middle of the gorge. The clouds linger on both sides and the sun shone. It feels quite like Huangshan's wonderful sea of ​​clouds. Strange, reminiscent of the goddess of the mountain ghost Qu Yuan, perhaps this is the characteristics of Xiangxi it. The local tour guides wore Tujia sisters' clothes. The red figure was very colorful in the gray-green valleys. They used to go on the mountain roads, and they could sing some folk songs from time to time, prompting visitors to take a few heroic rides. sentence.

I climbed all the way up and felt exhausted, especially after climbing to the back of the road. When I walked up the boardwalk and looked up at several dozen steps in front of it, there was only one sensation: "It's hard to get on, it's hard to get on the blue sky." When I saw the elevator, I felt that the whole person was relaxed. When I went down, I found that the lower leg was trembling and sore. I didn't want to go any further.

Style toast building.

Wonderful shots

The water hole does not have a smell of water to shock tourists

After walking back to the entrance of Tenglong Cave, I heard that there was a water hole on the right, so we followed the rumbling sound of water. As it was just a few days of continuous rain, the water was very powerful, whistling and rushing down. The undulating stones were all covered by currents. The two sides of the waterfall and the front of the waterfall were beautiful forests. When I came to the front, I was photographed. The water that has been pumped out wet. After the water flows through the waterfall and the rapids, it all enters the cave of the water cave. Looking at the place closest to the river, it can't be seen at a glance. It is said that there are more than 20 kilometers long.

Attractions performances have surprises folk artists perform mysterious culture

When I went to Tujia King City, it was exactly 3:30 in the afternoon and I happened to watch the performance of Tujia style. Originally sitting in front of the stage with an indifferent crowd-goal attitude, I was gradually attracted to the performances as a group of musical instruments began to kick off. This is not a simple performance of perfunctory tourists. Many of the stage performers are local folk entertainers. I can't understand their lyrics, but I can feel their exhilaration in the festive atmosphere that comes from being in action, dancing and fleshing. It is full of emotions and movements. It seems as if they are entering the prayers and praises of the gods together with them. More than an hour of performances, mysterious and thick Pakistani culture, I am fascinated to see. Chatting with the locals learns that due to the attention given by the local government, the masters who learn to inherit this culture have rewards, and young people also have good incomes, so many people are willing to learn. These folk cultures full of human vitality and unique thinking require dictation and sentiment. Today, they will not be lost as young people move out. They will be able to continue with the cycle of life. How can it not be refreshing?


Boat trip Yeoh river Gorge scenery

Enshi's tourism resources are very rich. If there is enough time, you can also walk away from Jianshe. There is a beautiful scenery of the Yehe River over there. You can take a boat tour to see the Xiajiang scenery. Along the scenic spots, the two sides of the cliffs continue to hang, solitary peaks alone, flying waterfalls, is more than a fairyland.

Jingyang Grand Canyon Feel the Legend of Salt Road

The Qingjiang River was constructed and passed through. In Jingyang and Yesanhekou, Qingjiang turned a ridge of soft water into a huge axe for cutting mountains and rocks. It cut off the vast cliffs and stretched tens of kilometers to create a grand canyon. Xiong, the precipitous here, also made ancient gongs and salt roads. There is still the existence of horse gangs here. After passing through here, you can experience the ancient prosperity and legends of salt roads.

Travel Raiders

Tickets: Tickets for Enshi Toast City are RMB 180. It's best to follow the guides. You can listen to some explanations or ask yourself a few more questions. The people here are very enthusiastic and willing to explain. You can learn more about the folk customs here. There are a lot of local specialty products purchased in the Yiqing Building. I think the folk songs on the CD are very good, with 10 yuan and 3 pieces. The songs are touching and suitable for all ages.

Teng Lung-dong tickets are also 180 yuan, must wear enough clothes to go in, it is recommended to bring a flashlight, take the adventure of a road, the water hole must also go and see.

Accommodation: There are many four- and five-star hotels in Enshi City. Hualong Village is recommended. The buildings are simple and quiet. The rooms are spacious and hygienic. The standard rooms are double beds, each is approximately 1.5 meters wide and the price is about 200 yuan per night. It is a buffet and it is rich in variety.

Transportation: From Guangzhou to Enshi, it is very convenient. Except for Monday, every day, China Southern Airlines has a direct flight to Enshi. It stops in Wuhan and on Monday it takes a flight to Wuhan to transfer the plane. It takes one hour longer.

Climate: This is also known as the Western Liangcheng. It is only over 20 degrees Celsius when it is hottest throughout the year. You need to wear more clothes to play.

Food: Due to its special geographical environment, Enshi has both local spicy flavors and Xiaoxiang spicy flavors. In particular, local flavors with Tujia and Miao characteristics have attracted many tourists.

Enshi's sauerkraut, selenium-enriched apple paste, spicy chicken, Osmunda roast pork, as well as Tujia, Miao's princess, slag, bacon, dried potatoes and other unique flavor food snacks, distinctive characteristics, variety of tricks.

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