Subway is a convenient and modern means of transportation to bring great convenience to our travel. However, while we enjoy the convenience of the subway, we must also abide by the etiquette and regulations of the subway.

The uncivilized behavior of passengers riding on the subway is roughly the following:

1. Do not wait for the passengers on the subway to follow the car and just squeeze in to grab the seat. The principle of taking the subway is “first on and then on,” but some passengers do not wait for the passengers on the subway to squeeze in and grab seats. Not only that, but they also extend their arms or use handbags to occupy relatives and friends.

2. Block at the door and obstruct passengers getting on and off. This behavior is particularly serious when you go to work. If you only sit one or two stops and don’t want to squeeze in, there’s a reason why many passengers take subways for at least five or more stops, but they just want to get out of the train and they don’t want to go inside, causing the train entrance to fill up. The inside of the carriage is empty. As soon as the train door opened, it seemed to have been saturated. In fact, there was still a lot of space inside, which on the one hand hindered the passengers from getting off the train. On the other hand, it also greatly plagued the passengers who were about to get on the train. I do not know if it should be crowded.

3, make noise. Nowadays, mobile phones are commonly used, but some passengers still lack cell phone etiquette. Some people often hear people standing next to them, talking loudly and speaking loudly, and wishing to let people all over the world hear what they are saying. Some passengers also intentionally made mobile music loud, as if they were deliberately provocative. Some parents encourage their children to chase and run around in the carriages, and others will let the children cry loudly. If they are old, they will ignore the feelings of the surrounding passengers.

4, do not pay attention to posture. Some passengers do not dare to compliment their seats when they sit on the subway. In particular, some men, regardless of narrow passages, stretch their legs and stomp their feet. The most regrettable is that some old Arbor, once seated, took off his shoes on one foot and put on a seat, very indecent. Even if some passengers see a lot of room, they simply lie down.

5, scrambling. When the subway is crowded, some passengers standing near the door of the train often get off the bus first to make it easier for the passengers to get out of the train. Some passengers on the platform did not wait for the passengers on the road to get on the train and rushed into the cars. As a result, good-hearted passengers were forced to leave the car because of the “occupation of the nest”.

The rules and etiquette that should be observed when taking the subway:

1. Take a ticket and read the ride instructions.

2. Obey the rules without a prohibited object.

When travelling on the subway, prohibited items are:

a. Inflammable, Explosive, Toxic, Corrosive, Radioactive and Killing Dangerous Goods (such as Detonators, Explosives, Firecrackers, Gasoline, Diesel, Kerosene, Paint, Calcium carbide, LPG, Controlled Knives, Various Acids, etc.) and others Items that endanger public safety;

b. Extremely long (above 1.8 meters), fragile (such as glass and fragile glass products, etc.), bulky (such as bicycles, washing machines, televisions, desktop computer monitors, refrigerators, etc.), impeding public health, impeding the passage of vehicles and easy Contaminated subway equipment and stations, vehicle environment items and animals.

3, pay attention to neatly dressed. Uncivilized people who are disheveled may be refused entry.

4. Obey the management of the station staff, obey the command of the staff, and work with the staff.

5. Pay attention to safety and strictly observe the platform regulations.

Subway station prohibited activities:

It is strictly forbidden to jump off the platform; it is forbidden to chase and slap in the station or in the car; it is forbidden to stay on platforms, halls, entrances and exits, and passages are forbidden; it is forbidden to sit on the entrance and exit platform; articles are not allowed to be stored in the entrances and exits of the subways and stations; Doing business, acting, selling goods without authorization, and distributing promotional materials.

6. Observe the principle of standing on the right side and the left side when riding the escalator.

7. Observance of Civilized Carriage Etiquette: It is forbidden to cross the yellow safety line or rely on screen doors when waiting; press the line to wait in line, first to the next time; during the opening or closing of the car door or screen door, prohibit the forcing of the upper and lower trains; the doors or screen doors After closing, it is prohibited to slam the door; prohibiting walking and pushing against the door while riding; strictly forbiding to get on and off at the junction of the carriage.

China Ceremony Network suggests that the subway company can properly broadcast some propaganda films about the etiquette on the subway platform or the display of the carriages to educate the public and improve the quality of the citizens.

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