[Maidian.com] On January 6, 2010, Hainan Province held a press conference on Hainan International Tourism in the press conference hall of the Information Office of the State Council of Beijing. The Secretary of the CPC Hainan Provincial Party Committee Wei Liucheng and the Hainan Provincial People's Government...

[Maidian.com] On January 6, 2010, Hainan Province held a press conference on Hainan International Tourism in the press conference hall of the State Council Information Office of Beijing. The delegation of Hainan Provincial Party Committee Wei Liucheng and the Governor of Hainan Provincial People's Government Luo Baoming introduced Hainan Province. Relevant information on economic and social development and the promotion of the construction of an international tourist island, and answered questions from reporters. The following is a summary of the live broadcast of the conference:


First of all, thank you to the two leaders for what they have done for the people of Hainan. I have a question about the tourism orientation of Hainan Island. We know that many islands in Southeast Asia have sunny beaches. What is the difference between our own tourism positioning in Hainan Island? The second question is how to implement the tourism policy. Do the two leaders have detailed plans, such as whether the relevant plans for the Ocean Park have already been made, and what is the plan? I don’t know if you have calculated, how much money is needed for the construction of this tourist island, how to solve this fund, we What kind of platform should be used to absorb the capital of all parties, and what kind of attraction plan does foreign capital have?

Wei Liucheng:

Hainan has many similarities with some islands in Southeast Asia, but there are also big differences. For example, Hainan not only has beautiful beaches, but also has 60% forest coverage and tens of millions of acres of pristine rainforest. Hainan also has about 1.3 million Li Miao ethnic minorities, so the ethnic customs are also very unique. When planning and developing tourism products and tourism boutique routes, Hainan not only considers the connection of Hainan Island, but also highlights the local ethnic customs and national characteristics, as well as hot springs all over the island, and of course, more characteristic golf tours, etc. .

Wei Liucheng:

I can tell you that our tourism planning has been done twice. The latest edition of the "International Tourism Island Construction Plan" will soon be released after approval by the National Development and Reform Commission. The investment required for the construction of Hainan International Tourism Island is huge. The investment in optical infrastructure is very large. The main funds have three sources: one is supported by the central government; the other is a small part of the provincial government's income; It is the most important part of social investment. Just now, many big companies want to invest, including investing in large-scale infrastructure and large theme parks, high-end resort hotels, etc., which rely mainly on social investment. (China Net)

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