At present, most travel agencies are worried that the high-end lines will not be recognized by the market and cause economic losses. Therefore, the current high-end tourism products are mostly simple hardware upgrades, or a number of travel agencies work together to make a product, resulting in a narrow market. To achieve differentiated competition is not only a hardware upgrade, but software breakthroughs are also key.

Near the end of the year, major travel agencies in Beijing have launched the Spring Festival route. This year, United Airlines and Disney China Representative Office launched a series of featured products in conjunction with China's top five travel agencies, but the industry said that several travel agencies operating the same product are not good for line development and service development. .

Five major travel agencies operate the same product

The reporter learned that following the activities of the New Yorkers in New York last year, this year United Airlines and Disney China Representative Offices launched a series of special products jointly with China's five major travel agencies - my family's "American" Disney Spring Festival, mainly aimed at the Chinese family in the market. . Among them, the “American” Disney Spring Festival series of products built by Zhongxin Tourism is divided into three parts, including the US West Coast, the US West Coast + Hawaii, the US East and West Coast + Hawaii, and the travel time is also divided into 8th and 10th. And on the 14th, suitable for consumers to choose the right length of time. Its staff said that the series is a higher-end product in the market, and its quality and price are much higher than those of conventional US products.

The reporter learned that before the public letter, the travel agency in Beijing had launched the related products with United Airlines, but the market reaction was flat, and no tourists have yet signed up. According to industry insiders, the five travel agencies operate the same line, and the time and route of the tour are not far apart, which will inevitably lead to competition. In fact, it is the corporate brand and marketing ability.

As for the current market reaction is flat, because this line is designed for family travel, the most expensive 14-day tour price is 28,000 yuan / person, should be a niche choice.

Most high-end lines are just different signs

When logging on to the China International Travel Service website to check the route of the UK, the reporter found that the name of Huayuan International Travel Service appeared on the 8th line of the UK. The staff of the National Travel Service said that the line was finally operated by Huayuan International Travel Service. Therefore, the name of Huayuan International Travel Service is displayed on the line. The relevant person in charge of Huayuan International Travel Service told the reporter that the current exit routes, especially high-end tours and in-depth tours, will eventually be selected and operated under a community due to the small number of actual tourists. Moreover, different travel agencies have their own advantages, and other travel communities directly cooperate with customers.

According to industry insiders, similar situations are very common. The seemingly diverse high-end quality lines on the market, in fact, can be found that the content is almost the same, but the signs are different. A travel agency sales staff told reporters that most of the high-end lines on its website are only furnishings, and occasionally when someone consults, they look for other travel agencies to cooperate.

Differentiated competition is not just a hardware upgrade

China Kanghui Travel Agency recently launched the "National Beauty of Taiwan - Upgraded Version of the 8th Deluxe Group" at a price of 6888 yuan, as its first product after its high-end. The relevant person in charge told the reporter that the classification standards for all products of all outbound travel departments should be divided into five categories: hotel star rating, meal label, large transportation mode, large transportation class and schedule characteristics. For the low, medium and high-end three grades, respectively, economic, select and luxury, in the future will be in China and Taiwan and Southeast Asia and other tourism products for product innovation and research and development.

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