When it comes to logistics, people will think that logistics is a serious injury to e-commerce. It is a hindrance to e-commerce, but is that really the case?

Take my own customers to say things, as far as I know: For customers who do not understand logistics operations, some customers because of trouble, the goods packaging hastily, he did not know what kind of logistics process, what kind of operation will lead to damage to the goods, 20% of customers do not want to pay for packing fees, prefer to play safe tickets, claiming that my packaging will not be problematic and very laborious. However, 80% of the responsibility lies with the logistics company. What kind of products are in line with what kind of packaging, we must always remind customers, give advice to customers, as a logistics company even if the profits are high, as long as the packaging does not meet the requirements are rejected.

The range of logistics is very wide. Except people are excluded from logistics, everything can be handled by logistics. However, there are many different types of products. Take several of the most common products and talk about how to package them. Products such as: electronics, Equipment, accessories, fragile goods. Packaging: wooden boxes, wooden frames, woven bags, cartons, trays.

Electronics: Electronic products are superior products in all walks of life, very sophisticated products, packaging is very particular, packaging is the use of cardboard boxes, trays, calculate the logistics costs, for the logistics company, the price of cartons is lower than the tray The carton does not exceed the volume of 46*3 and the weight exceeds 50KG. It must be fixed on the tray so as not to spread out. Carton can be used when the goods are relatively light, but the quality of the carton must be good.

Equipment: Basically all wooden box packaging, wooden box packaging can see what is in the end, so the loading and unloading trade unions are particularly careful. The appearance of the equipment is paint, a little rub off, will leave scars, and customers will also think, I bought what is broken machinery, he would not think of the shipping company for the first time.

Accessories: Relatively speaking, they are relatively scattered things that are not easily damaged. Only items that are important and not large in size are definitely too much to eat with a cardboard box. Only the use of wooden boxes will not damage them anyway, because the accessories are not structural.

Fragile products: It is the most worrying issue for the company and also the most troublesome problem in transportation. Fragile products are generally made of lamps, glass, and cups. However, the best packaging must be fixed in three layers. The inside must be separated by soft materials. The outer layer should have a cardboard box with a relatively good hardness. The third layer must have a wooden frame. The wooden frame must be exactly the same, and the inner side must not have any gaps. .

In fact, as a shipping party, how to pack according to their own product high, middle and low grades, do not save packaging fees due to the province, and ignore the packaging, shipping costs, you can not afford, packaging fees can not afford it? That is to say, after-sales logistics companies provide such packaging is very small, but packaging is a crucial part, as companies must be careful.

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