In the first half of 2011, as the economy continued to grow, the employment situation kept improving. It is reported that from the data of the Zhaopin recruitment competition index (competition index = number of job applications / number of jobs), the average number of deliveries for a vacant position in June 2009 was 37, and the average number of deliveries for a vacant position in June 2010 was 32. The data for June 2011 was 29th. Contrary to the decline in the competition index, compared with the same period in 2010, the demand for online jobs in various industries increased by 38%. The increase in the number of job seekers could not keep up with the increase in demand, which is the main reason for the improvement of the employment situation. With the policy of “expanding domestic demand and promoting consumption”, the rising of the national income level, the improvement of social insurance and medical insurance system, and the continuous increase in the urbanization rate of the population have further promoted the development of the consumer market.


In the first half of 2011, the top ten most competitive positions were compared with those in 2010. The competition for medical representatives, bank positions, and legal positions was intensified, and logistics, real estate, and engineering technology positions were eased.

In the first half of 2011, the top ten careers with the most demanding recruiting categories From the point of view of recruitment requirements, e-commerce, fast-dealing retail and advertising exhibitions have grown significantly. Sales customer service and software programming remain the most demanding jobs.

[Industry Aspect]

Internet market hot posts increased by 58% year-on-year

3Q wars, Weibo prestige, and go to the United States for centralized listing. With the number of Chinese netizens surpassing 400 million, the Internet penetration rate has reached more than 30%, the competition for talent has also entered a white-hot period, online posts have surged by 58% year-on-year, and only UI/UE designers/consultants have been 1222 online from the beginning of the year. It increased to 5,148 in June. But on the other hand, there is a shortage of talent. The competition index of the Internet e-commerce industry, that is, the number of applicants for each vacant position dropped from 41 in the previous year to 29 this year.

According to Zhaopin's recruitment data, the demand for e-commerce talent comes from e-commerce platform sites such as Taobao, traditional industries such as insurance, clothing, and third-party service organizations that enter e-commerce, such as data analysis and website optimization. It is worth noting that, with the popularization of network promotion, companies need to measure and optimize the promotion effect of different channels, and optimize the promotion efficiency of search engines. The demand for SEO staff has soared. According to the data, SEO jobs have increased from an average of 2382 jobs in January to 13,762 in June, while the difficulty of recruitment has increased and the competition has decreased. On average, 35 applications for each position dropped to 18 applications in June. .

The Zhaopin recruitment online job also shows that companies recruiting such positions include e-commerce websites, advertising companies, and corporate marketing companies. Such positions generally require candidates to be proficient in the search ranking techniques of major search engines; especially google and baidu ranking techniques to understand how various search engines crawl Internet pages, how to index and how to determine their search for a particular keyword Results ranking technology, at the same time familiar with the search engine bidding method; traffic analysis and the Internet has a unique view of the various web site models and can be written into the implementation program.

Job demand in the retail industry increased by 45% year-on-year

Looking at the job demand changes in various industries in the first half of the year, the demand growth of the retail industry is relatively strong. At present, the main jobs in the retail industry include clerk/salesperson/consultant, purchasing specialist/assistant, store manager/store manager, sales promotion specialist/guide purchase, cashier and tally/seller, and loss prevention/internal insurance. The number of manager/store manager positions increased from 11,000 at the beginning of the year to 12750 per day in June because the overall operation of supermarket stores was managed, and the human resources of the stores were planned, mobilized and controlled. The overall quality was relatively high. difficult. In addition, the growth of new luxury business positions from the end of 2010 is also evident.

The demand for procurement executives in logistics talent has doubled. From January to June 2011, the number of procurement managers per day has increased from 2,156 to 5,868, and the number of procurement specialists/assistants has increased from 14,366 to 18,882. Zhaopin's recruitment data shows that the demand for logistics talent mainly comes from the logistics and transportation service industry, the logistics talent demand within the entity companies, trading companies and e-commerce websites. Recently, with the in-depth popularization of e-commerce, the proportion of demand from websites has increased.

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