As a storage and transportation of material resources, logistics warehouses play a major role in economic production. The warehouse has the following categories: grain storage, oil depots, vaults, material stores, etc. The so-called warehouse, which stores items related to the national economy and people's livelihood, there are civilian supplies, there are corporate production supplies, there are production supplies, dangerous goods, military supplies and so on. In addition to the above-mentioned production materials, there are large-

Quantity of facilities, finances and other facilities. Every day, the personnel and vehicles that work in the reservoir area move quite frequently. It is not enough for security personnel to patrol their security work alone. At the same time, an anti-theft system must be installed at relevant important places in the warehouse to achieve the comprehensive realization of its warehouse. The comprehensive purpose of management and security precautions.

The maturation and development of computer technology, network technology and multimedia technology provide powerful technical support for warehouse management and security automation. At present, warehouse security systems are generally combined by closed-circuit television monitoring systems, access control systems (IC card door opening), perimeter monitoring systems, attendance management systems, alarm control systems, and data processing systems, making full use of advanced computer technologies and controls. means. It enables real-time monitoring of the opening, retrieval, maintenance, and personnel movements of all warehouses through audio, video, infrared, and vibration sensors, as well as the immediate or automatic reporting of alarm signals within the defense zone to achieve automatic timing. Mingming, arming and disarming control. Here are two recommended warehouse security solutions for you.

Warehouse Integrated Security System Solution Warehouse Security system supports multi-level cascading management, consisting of basic monitoring units and multi-tier supervised systems. The basic monitoring unit is the basic system and consists of data acquisition and analysis equipment, management servers and monitoring terminals to implement security management of the warehouse. The warehouse security system utilizes information control and processing, artificial intelligence and multimedia technology to form a digital system through the integration of intelligent video surveillance, electronic patrol inspection and entrance and exit control, post monitoring, intrusion detection, identification and authentication, electronic maps, display and alarms. An intelligent, networked security technology prevention system meets the needs of warehouse security.

Warehouse Security System Function 1. Perimeter intrusion alarm warehouse security system can monitor the entrance and exit areas, important areas and surrounding areas of the perimeter wall in a complex weather environment (such as rain, snow, fog, and windy weather). When an abnormal situation occurs, the system will send out alarm information in real time, track the target's trajectory, and automatically record. The traditional surveillance of video surveillance was turned into an unattended operation, and post-event video tracing turned into effective prevention and prevention, which improved the safety factor of management.

2. Positioning and Control of Important Items When the items placed in the monitoring area are stolen or moved, the warehouse security system will promptly send out alarm information and automatically record. Effectively solved the problem of external illegal personnel theft or internal supervisory personnel guarding self-theft, minimizing the probability of occurrence of liability accidents.

3, pyrotechnic detection through the video image automatically identifies the flame and smoke, and indicate the location of smoke and fire. Automatically output the switch linkage signal with other emergency systems.

4, a variety of sensor access and alarm warehouse security system can achieve temperature and humidity, smoke, access control, infrared radiation, sensor cable and other sensors access and alarm management, and video and image linkage and complex.

5. Visual electronic patrol to set up electronic patrol plan, including: time, route, and personnel; automatic recording and recording of the inspection process; smart card identification and authentication; automatic analysis and inspection of missed inspection events; inspection inspection video inspection inspection personnel afterwards And inspection process.

6. The intelligent control of Kumen replaces the existing key cabinet and saves investment in equipment. It improves the security by changing from the key of the tube to the tube door. It uses the smart card for identity identification and authentication, disarms and records when taking the key, and also stops and stops the key. Video recording; the system automatically performs audible and visual alarms when the key is not returned.

The warehouse wireless monitoring system solution warehouse, as a device for storing material resources, plays a major role in production. Specifically, there are the following types of warehouses: grain warehouses, oil depots, armory stores, material stores, and so on. The materials related to the national economy and the people's livelihood are some dangerous goods, some are important materials for the military, and some are the pillar products of enterprises.

Every warehouse must be fully protected. Some warehouses are far away from the management center, some are scattered and distributed, and some are complex. In this case, the construction of the cable monitoring system is difficult, the economic cost is high, and it is easily destroyed. . Based on the above situation, wireless remote image monitoring system emerged.

The wireless monitoring system for warehouses mainly solves the following problems:

1. The gates of the warehouse are being destroyed, and the police will be alerted at the first time;

2. Someone tried to climb into the window and alarmed for the first time;

3. Always monitor the situation in the warehouse, if someone breaks into the alarm;

4. Items in the warehouse are changed, such as explosion of dangerous goods, oil leakage, air leakage, and spontaneous combustion. There are different sensors for each item to cooperate with the camera to alarm, and there are on-site follow-up equipment to eliminate the fault and alarm at the first time. ;

5. If there is a warehouse alarm, the control center will give the warehouse location, alarm type, alarm time;

6. Transmit the data of the secondary instrument in the warehouse to the remote control center immediately. If the instrument data exceeds the standard, it will alarm immediately;

7. The security of the warehouse must be limited by the explosion-proof standard, and every equipment used for monitoring must be explosion-proof.

The system consists of remote points: sensors, cameras, cruising PTZ cameras use embedded CPU hardware encoding devices, small size, high integration, providing RJ4510M network interface, compression broadband 10K-1M. High resolution, 352 × 288 (H. 263), 30 frames per second, providing high-quality, full-motion, full-color, real-time moving images. Through the remote control, adjust the camera aperture, focal length, etc. for a comprehensive monitoring of the warehouse environment. The data on the secondary instrument is transmitted to the central control room through the interface and wireless network as the basis for monitoring and management.

Sensor equipment, dynamic sensors, installed in the door, window or where it may enter the warehouse, if there is movement, send an alarm signal; according to the different items stored in the warehouse, install different gas sensors, there are special inspection of natural gas, there are When checking for smoke, the horse will send out an alarm signal.

If there are special circumstances, such as leaks in the warehouse, start the follow-up device exhaust, follow-up device is also set up according to the different circumstances that different items can cause to solve the corresponding problem equipment. All monitoring system equipment installed in the warehouse is explosion-proof. The cabling method also strictly complies with the explosion-proof standard or is replaced by wireless.

Wireless transmission: The interface and bridge use direct-sequence spread spectrum wireless two-way transmission bridge, standard value, under the video conditions to transmit 10KM, according to user requirements can choose to increase the transmission distance to 50KM. Provides a transparent RS-232 data interface that can communicate with external devices as well as RS-485 or RS-422 interfaces. Remote wireless connection test, which can randomly test the wireless link between two routers, and send test packets to test anytime, anywhere.

Carrier frequency operating frequency is 2.4GHz-2.4835GHz, using direct-sequence spread spectrum wireless two-way transmission bridge, high reliability of information. Use Carrier Sense with Acknwledge Protocol, Multiple Access/Collision Avoidance (CSMA/CA) to enhance anti-jamming management. Eliminate information loss by clearing the send/request sending system. Automatic data rate selection (ARS) is used to adjust the data transmission rate to ensure continuous network coverage.

Central Control Room: The software intelligent monitoring will analyze and process the remote image data, and set the alarm area in the image display area. If there is a situation, such as someone breaks in, someone breaks, etc., the alarm setting is triggered, and the alarm is immediately notified to the duty shift. personnel. Receiving the data information of the remote secondary instrument, if any data information shows beyond the normal range, it will immediately report to the on-duty personnel. The information sent from the sensor and the images from the camera are analyzed together to confirm whether the current alarm is correct, and then notify the on-duty personnel to confirm.

The black box function of the alarm: In the special area (such as the warehouse entrance, windows, areas around important items, etc.), the video storage of the image monitoring is dynamic storage, and the monitoring machine keeps storing the current real-time image for 15 seconds, with the trigger of the image. After the alarm, the instant memory of the monitoring machine starts to start and includes the image for 15 seconds before the alarm. After the alarm is released by the on-duty personnel, the monitoring machine will store the real-time video recording 15 seconds before the alarm until the alarm is released. The dynamic alarm is beneficial to the The police situation makes a complete analysis.

Multiple warehouses can be monitored together in real-time. A warehouse has an alarm. The central control room monitor displays the type of alarm and the processing methods that can be implemented. The monitoring machine in the central control room can be connected to other LANs or Internet networks through the network, and can realize real-time monitoring of the network and transfer various information directly to the required places. Various types of information, such as the type of alarm, time, location, number of alarms per day, images after alarm, etc., are classified and stored in a database, and can be implemented in different ways.

The monitor in the central control room supports one or two/four/six/eight/nine/twelve/sixteen screens and other forms of display interface. The screen size is adjustable. Four or more screens require a higher level of user PCs. Each screen The upper/lower corners can show the warehouse number, geographical position, time, etc. Provide a graphical control interface, the user can easily determine whether there is a video signal, whether to log on to the server, whether to receive the video stream, etc. according to the status light. Realize remote voice communication with local voice for remote management and scheduling.

The advantages of the system adopt the third generation of digital wireless image monitoring system, which has the advantages of clear image transmission, strong anti-interference ability, good system stability, strong system expansion capability, easy maintenance, and no need for approval and approval of carrier frequency bands.

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