The Director of the Hong Kong Tourism Board, Mr. Tian Beijun, said on the 19th that according to the statistics of the HKTB, the number of visitors to Hong Kong from the 30th to the beginning of the Lunar New Year reached 536,000, an increase of 18%. Tian Beijun table...

The Director of the Hong Kong Tourism Board, Mr. Tian Beijun, said on the 19th that according to the statistics of the HKTB, the number of visitors to Hong Kong from the 30th to the beginning of the Lunar New Year reached 536,000, an increase of 18%.

Tian Beijun said that from the beginning of this year to mid-February, 4.5 million passengers have visited Hong Kong. Among them, mainland tourists have increased by 14%, and passengers from Europe, America and other surrounding areas have also increased by 12%.

He expects Hong Kong's passengers to increase by about 5% this year. The Tourism Board will hold some festivals related to local traditional festivals in Hong Kong during the off-season of the tourism industry to attract more tourists to Hong Kong.

Tian Beijun said that during the Shanghai World Expo and the Guangzhou Asian Games, I believe that more long-distance passengers will visit Hong Kong.

The Lunar New Year has always been the "golden period" for mainlanders to come to Hong Kong for tourism. In the past few days, Hong Kong has left traces of mainland tourists everywhere, visiting shopping malls, amusement parks, watching horse racing, and enjoying the flower market... They are enjoying the "Hong Kong-style New Year" while making Hong Kong's Spring Festival market more prosperous.

During the Spring Festival, the Times Square in Causeway Bay, located in the downtown area of ​​Hong Kong, is crowded daily. From the first day to the fifth day of the lunar calendar, the average daily flow of people in Times Square was 180,000, a record high. The company's director Ling Yuanting said that during the new year this year, mainland customers increased by 20% year-on-year, accounting for 40% to 50% of the total. "As the number of mainland tourists is higher than expected, and the confidence of local customers is gradually recovering, it is expected that the business volume of shopping malls will increase by more than 10%."

The establishment of seafood New Year's goods is an important choice for many mainland tourists to come to Hong Kong. The Shanghai-based street in Hong Kong Island has been very popular recently. Mr. Li, the owner of a chain of seafood stores, said in an interview that the shop's customers are mainly mainlanders, spending an average of 20,000 to 30,000 Hong Kong dollars to buy ginseng, abalone, etc., and many customers have taken a lot of money to spend more than 100,000 Hong Kong dollars to buy ginseng and seafood.

The consumption of mainland tourists is strong, and all major businesses in Hong Kong are striving to seize the opportunity to “suck gold”. In the Tsim Sha Tsui area, where many famous shops are located, many shops have queued up for people. Some jewelers said that 70% of the stores are mainland customers, and the per capita consumption is 50,000 to 100,000 Hong Kong dollars. Outside a well-known leather shop, Ms. Huang from Fujian is waiting in line to enter the market. She said that because of the complete style, she will come to Hong Kong to “sweep the goods” every year.

In order to attract mainland tourists, savvy Hong Kong merchants also organize shopping groups, arrange special vehicles to pick up tourists from Shenzhen or Guangzhou direct shopping malls. Many mainland tourists took part in the shopping group to come to Hong Kong for their holiday during the Spring Festival holiday. Gold ornaments, cosmetics and clothing became their hot items, and their per capita consumption was as high as 8,000 Hong Kong dollars.

A shopping mall in Kwun Tong has specially arranged a “Peer-to-Peer” one-day shopping group for mainland tourists to pick up tourists from Shenzhen to the mall. Miss Li, a member of the shopping group, came to Hong Kong with her daughter. She said that her daughter had just turned 12 and wanted to buy a tiger-shaped gold ornament for her. "Hong Kong's gold ornaments are many styles, beautifully crafted, so come here to buy."

Hong Kong is not only a shopping paradise, but also the two theme parks of Ocean Park and Disneyland are also must-see attractions for mainland tourists. During the Spring Festival, Ocean Park has carefully prepared more than 100 celebrations and performances, and has 88 new spring-themed gifts and 68 New Year's foods. The reporter saw in the Ocean Park that the entrance and the cable car station were crowded with tourists, and the snack bar and retail store were even more crowded. Miss Chen from Shantou took her daughter to Hong Kong for the first time. She said that she wants to feel the New Year's atmosphere in Hong Kong and her daughter is very happy here.

The annual Lunar New Year race is an important event for Hong Kong people to celebrate the New Year. Every year, they attract a large number of citizens and tourists to experience the New Year atmosphere. Hong Kong "horse fans" expect a good new year for the New Year. Visitors who enter the venue free of charge are more likely to feel the "Hong Kong-style New Year." According to the statistics of the Hong Kong Jockey Club, more than 85,000 people came to the racecourse for the New Year.

Statistics from the Hong Kong Tourism Board show that from the Lunar New Year's Eve to the New Year's Day, the number of visitors to Hong Kong reached 536,000, of which the number of mainland tourists increased by 16%. Hu Zhaoying, chairman of the Hong Kong Tourism Industry Council, said that mainland tourists are very popular regardless of whether they are "individuals" or group tours. At the same time, the number of tourists from the Mainland has increased from the previous years to the Lunar New Year, only from the 8th to the 3rd and 6th. A total of 437,100 mainland tourists visited Hong Kong, making Hong Kong's Lunar New Year even more prosperous.

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