The net capital was in a hurry. The real estate trust was “guided by the window” and the fiery real estate trust in the trust industry was verified on the product. According to the data from the Good Buy Fund Research Center, the number of trust products fell by 20% month-on-month in May, but real estate trusts are still among the most absorbing varieties.

According to data from the Good Buy Fund, 54 trust companies established 284 fixed-income trust products in May. Analysis of the 175 products included in the statistics showed that the total scale of these 175 products was 35.396 billion yuan, of which the trust raised from real estate investment reached 96.24 billion yuan, an average of 370 million yuan of funds raised, far exceeding the scale of other trusts.

However, in terms of quantity, trust products invested in industrial and commercial enterprises have surpassed real estate trusts for two consecutive months in terms of quantity, which to a certain extent shows the effect of policy control.

However, with the increase in the number of trusts and the size of funds, real estate trusts are booming, and problems are also highlighted. Previously, the trust company announced that the annual report shows that the net capital of Ping An Trust, which has the largest net capital in the industry, is in short supply, and Zhongrong Trust, which has the largest business income, faces a net capital gap of at least RMB 1.6 billion. The real estate trust business is also subject to “window guidance” because of its current large scale. Ten trust companies were previously suspended from real estate trust business.

Sea Freight to Africa
Currently we mainly focus on handling the shipment from the ports of Shantou/ Shenzhen/ Guangzhou/ Xiamen/ Shanghai/ Ningbo/ Chongqing to the other ports abroad. As below, you can find the appropriate services that you need.
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· Warehousing Arrangements and Customs Clearance
· Packing and Transport Insurance
· Air Freight
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· Door to Door Service
· LCL Consolidation
· Transport , Inland Haulage
· Packing , Crating & Packing Materials
· Customs Clearing & Cross Trade
· Project Cargo
. Insurance

Major service areas: Shantou/ Chenghai /Chaoyang /Chaozhou/Jieyang
Major product scope: Ceramics/Sanitaryware/Toys/Hardware/Clothing/Mechanics/Food/Stainless steel, etc.
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Sea Freight to Africa

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