The survey data of Internet users conducted by iResearch, a market research company, shows that the monthly coverage of microblog services is higher than that of social networks; in August 2011, the browsing duration of microblogs and social networks showed a difference of ups and downs; In the past six months, the proportion of the two co-coverage has tended to increase.

The monthly coverage data released by iResearch during March-August 2011 shows that in the past 4 months, social networking and Weibo services have maintained a sequential growth: In July, the monthly coverage of Weibo service exceeded the social network for the first time, and microblog coverage A small lead of about 1 million people; in August, the gap between the monthly coverage of Weibo and social networks expanded to 9 million, both of which climbed to about 270 million.

Observing the monthly browsing time index of the two months in the past half year, we can see that in August 2011, the browsing time of Weibo service increased by nearly 30% compared to last month; the monthly browsing time of social networking services decreased by 2.4% from the previous quarter. It can be foreseen that in the short period of time in the future, Weibo's browsing time will exceed social networking. Weibo first used the concept of 140 words to try to use people's time for fragmentation; but at present, the accumulated debris shows tremendous energy, netizens tend to spend more time on this service, and Weibo has become a community of Internet users. Another major platform for making friends. The coincident trend of social networking and microblogging services shows that from March to August of 2011, the proportion of social networking and microblog services that were jointly covered by the monthly increase increased by 4.2 percentage points within six months. At the same time, compared to August and March, the proportion of monthly exclusive coverage of social networks has decreased by 6.2 percentage points, while Weibo’s monthly exclusive coverage has increased slightly by 2.1 percentage points in the past six months.

IResearch analysts believe that this trend reflects the subtle “functional substitution” relationship between social networks and Weibo. Overall, the total demand of Internet users for dating activities in the online community is relatively stable. The increase in the level of attention to Weibo may result in a decrease in the demand for “equal alternatives” such as the original social networks, communities, and blogs.


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