September 15 International Report Microsoft, Yahoo and AOL jointly sell online advertising.

In order to get a lot of advertising spending on Google and online advertising networks, the three companies will sell their ads on their websites. It should be pointed out that these three companies will sell "secondary display" advertisements or graphic advertisements.

The three companies said that the revenue generated from the sale of the ads was shared by the three companies and pointed out that the three companies were able to obtain more funds than if they were handed over to third-party networks. According to the partnership, any of the three companies can sign a large advertising order for the three companies.

The three companies are not limited in terms of advertising with advertising networks, advertising companies and even Google, but their ultimate goal is to compete with Google.

According to market research firm IDC, Google currently has the highest advertising revenue in the United States. Although Yahoo ranks second, its display advertising revenue declines, and Yahoo is exploring ways to reverse the decline.

The new alliance is expected to make progress at the end of this year.

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