Since the beginning of this year, the Yunping County Transportation Management Bureau has adopted a variety of measures to establish a mechanism for assessing the reputation of the freight and logistics markets, to crack down on illegal embargoes and restrictions on transport of goods, and to increase supervision of the freight and logistics markets.

Since the beginning of this year, the Bureau has launched a comprehensive special rectification work on the county freight and logistics companies. Formulated the "Zhenping County Road Freight and Logistics Market Special Regulation Plan", set up a leading agency, unified deployment, signed work targets with its respective stations, and shares, each station, share according to their respective responsibilities, and engaged in ordinary freight Enterprises and individuals of freight forwarding, freight forwarding, and freight information services conduct inspections. Signed the “Cargo and Logistics Enterprise Civilization and Trustworthiness Convention of Henan Province” with various enterprises, strengthened the supervision of the freight and logistics market, standardized the operation behavior, established and improved the credit system of the freight and logistics market, operated in a civilized and law-abiding manner, and promoted the freight and logistics of Zhenping County. The healthy and orderly development of the market.

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