Ordos has 2.7 per capita per capita real estate household pawn shop Every family real estate household pawn shop Ordos, when the usurious speculators "falls"

For nine consecutive years, the growth rate of Inner Mongolia's economy was the first in the country; for nine consecutive years, the economic growth rate of Ordos was the first in Inner Mongolia. Per capita GDP has exceeded Hong Kong. In a city with a population of just over 1.5 million, the total fiscal revenue in 2011 is conservatively calculated at a constant pace, and is expected to reach nearly one hundred billion. Undoubtedly, one of the main reasons leading to the “predators” deducing the economic development of the Phoenix legend is that the city is stepping on China’s largest piece of coal resources, and the giant resource-based economy has allowed Ordos to “quickly grow”. Financial capital, especially the private loan-type underground financial capital, has become a folk street dance of Ordos money.

From "resource capital" to "financial capital" "rich people" are the words most frequently portrayed by Ordos people in recent years. It is Erdos who bought real estate in Beijing, Shanghai, whole units, and whole buildings; Ordos people such as Maybach and Bugatti who bought tens of millions of dollars in domestic large-scale auto shows. At the International Painting and Calligraphy Auctions, the Ordos people are the ones who have thrown millions of dollars. It is Ordos who bought tens of millions of pieces of waste porcelain and antiques. Private lending has become a gold ore film for the sequel to the Ordos coal mine economy. High interest rates make it urgent for resource capital to complete a magnificent turn in financial capital, and private lending has become almost crazy.

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"Ultimate home buyers" is to buy a good house is also used to live in luxury homes want to have to pay for a one-time payment of 20 years rent developers: This move is reasonable in Beijing to limit the price of land to meet the cold price of land block high housing enterprises " Ordos, if you say to others that your deposit is in the bank, you are embarrassed to say hello to others.” The head of a financial department used the lines in the movie to describe the popularity of Ordos private lending.

The rules of the game are very simple. In Erdos, the interest rate for private collection and storage is usually between 2 and 4 points per month. There are also individual people who can get 5 points or even higher monthly interest rate. The latter is very rare and generally not a risk. Sex loans are fake gifts. The monthly interest rate between 2 points and 3 points accounts for the mainstream of the private lending market. Together, it is 24%-36% per annum. That is to say, if you have 1 million yuan in hand and deposit it in an underground bank, the interest is only 20,000 to 3 million yuan per month. One-year interest payments are worth 1.24 million to 1.36 million yuan. Compared with the bank's current annual interest rate of 3.5%, it only has $1.035 million in one year's interest. The difference between the two.

“What kind of industry can maintain a stable profit of 20% to 30 percent?” Yang Zejun, who has been a microfinance company for many years, asked this reporter. He said: A large number of private capital is the effect of this high interest rate return. Only after that, has the money from banks been diverted to private credit. Faced with a select number of investment and financing options: real estate bubble; deposit bank shrink; buy securities stuck; do not understand futures; engage in industry timid; face 20% -30% of private lending profits In return, the above investment and financing options were easily PASSed away in front of most residents.

In Ordos, the total capital of four brokerage firms is less than 2 billion yuan. A senior trade association chairman said that the private credit capital of Ordos is no less than 100 billion yuan. The village and town banks and credit companies controlled by the chairman of the chamber of commerce have also absorbed a large amount of surplus deposits from the private sector with high interest rates.

Private lending, for whom to rejoice in letting people worry about walking outside the private lending capital of state-owned commercial banks, is an unavoidable financial force in China's economic development and transformation. There are sources, there are reasons, there is a market. There is a side to its favorable economic development and it also has its side that jeopardizes the financial market. Risks and interests coexist, and legality crosses regulations.

Due to the current state-owned banks’ credit rules and operating models, major projects of state-owned enterprises and government are always the focus of loans. SMEs and private enterprises are always assigned to a poor cup of tea, and Baotou City, near Ordos, has even had loans from private enterprises. It does not account for 20% of the total bank loan. The private enterprises that bear more than 80% of the social employment responsibilities have survived the bottleneck of funds and can only look for thirst for private capital.

The Ordos people who have a large amount of surplus funds due to the coal resources and compensation for demolition have prepared a solid capital pool for the development of SMEs. Only the rules for diverting water from this pool are: high reputation, high interest rates, and short-term peace.

"If you can afford to play, you can't afford to play. You don't have to play. Risks are everywhere, and there is no 100% profitable return channel for profits." Tang Wensong, who has been running pawn shops for many years, said.

He said that since the beginning of private lending, everyone has not particularly dared to lend large amounts of funds to private credit companies and pawnshops, but as the spontaneous credit system matures and the transparency of related companies grows more and more, The return of Ben Lee's integrity, so that more and more people walk into the Hongqiao of this private lending. People often put their own funds in several baskets, lend to different companies, apply to different projects, while spreading the risk, looking forward to a multi-port licensing.

There is no doubt that the private lending people who have eaten up the sweetness of usury for many years are happy. No one is afraid of money biting their hands. Everyone compares with you for a monthly interest of 2.5 yuan, or a monthly interest of 3 points. So the circle between relatives and friends, the use of policy space from the housing accumulation fund, renovation loans, home loans to set aside low-interest bank funds, and then switched to the usury channel.

Naturally, they also use these small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) borrowed from private channel loans. When state-owned banks close down their ideas for money, these funds are often used as an incentive for companies to survive and continue to develop. Although interest rates are high, they are still high. It's better than thirsty.

There are also various types of pawn shops, microfinance companies, investment companies, private equity funds and other institutions all over the streets of Ordos. They play the role of an underground bank with high interest rate deposits and higher interest rates to lend to enterprises. The difference in interest rates. Even if there is only a one-point difference in interest, the profit generated by the hundreds of millions of dollars of throughput will not be a small number for companies that can run the rent office.

Most of the money that these loans have gone out have flowed into real estate, coal, logistics, hotels and other industries.

However, there are concerns that there are many misgivings. A small number of companies that have borrowed huge sums of money from underground banks are on the verge of bankruptcy because of the poor management of industrial projects. The chain reaction has caused related credit companies to form necrosis accounts and continue to ferment, which has led to the individual’s storage of high profits. Many people have already lost their capital. Although these difficulties are currently only a minority in the entire private credit landscape. But the rumors after each occurrence deeply hurt all the "grasshoppers" on various credit chains in Ordos.

Drumming and passing flowers eventually led to the use of private loan sharks. Someone played with the heartbeat. Someone played with screaming, and some played with nonsense.

In 2010, a female worker from a textile company, Shi Xiaohong’s “Fujie”, made a fuss about the breakage of the funds chain of the loan shark and was arrested by the public security authorities in Ordos. The identified illegal borrowing funds amounted to more than 700 million yuan, of which more than 400 million yuan was evaporated.

The usury led the development of commercial housing, commercial real estate, and various hotel services in Ordos. At the same time, due to the high interest rate and high demand for returns, the prices of the real estate industry and the service industry have steadily increased. In a city with a population of less than 500,000 in the urban area, the price of commercial shops in prime locations can exceed 70,000 yuan per square meter. Every million square meters of luxury residential buildings in the urban area, high-rise buildings are everywhere, some high-end real estate has been speculation to 20,000 yuan per square meter. Sun Dong, the developer, said that if there is no way to raise the profits of real estate, there is no way to repay loans with high interest rates.

Zhao Yongliang, chairman of Dongda Group, described the fever phenomenon in the usury industry and the real estate industry: “Now Ordos is almost a family property and a household pawn shop.”

A professional of Fan Xing Real Estate Survey Agency stated that Ordos, with a large population and a small number of houses, has an average of 2.7 sets of houses per person. A family of three has a large number of homes to reach seven or eight. In Erdos, as long as you are a civil servant, the bottom line is at least two houses, one in the old city and one in the new party administration building, Kangbash. The "New York Times" once described the phenomenon of "ghost towns" where people lived in Kangbashi buildings but no one lived. Now it's been bustling a lot more than it was a few years ago.

The high interest rate capital flow has pushed up the high real estate price, and the high real estate industry needs a lot of funds to support it to survive the severely saturated real estate purchase market. More than half of the commercial properties that were bought were left idle as products with investment value-added. Owners do not want house prices to drop, lenders do not want house prices to drop, and developers do not want house prices to drop. The capital chain is broken. All the reasons point to this "Chang Long" flower. Everyone is playing drums and drumming flowers. Drumsticks cannot stop. Stopping means that someone is unlucky.

Jing Libin’s self-immolation case, which shocked the country’s wealthy businessmen, was caused by the break-up of the huge funds chain of usury, which caused the collapse of its Huilong Group. His self-immolation site and money transfer location are only 100 kilometers away from Ordos. Afterwards, many people in the industry pointed out that the scale of usury loans such as Jin Libin can only be considered as a small witch in Ordos. The real wits and predators are still drumming and dancing.

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