Severe real estate control policies did not show the slightest relaxation. Constantly tightened monetary assets also brought significant capital and operating pressure to real estate companies. The China Securities Journal reporter learned that some of the equity of the three real estate companies are on the Beijing Equity Exchange and Tianjin Property Rights Trading Center is listed and transferred. Among them, 30% equity of Foshan Huijin Hengtian Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. has a listed price of 107 million yuan, 62.5% of the equity interest of Dongguan Zuiting Youyuan Industrial Investment Co., Ltd. has a listed price of 42.56 million yuan, and 2.655% of equity of Tianjin Huaxia Construction Development Co., Ltd. The listing price was 13.3232 million yuan.

The Huijin Hengtian Sancheng equity listed on the Beijing Property Rights Exchange has published information recently. The 30% equity of Foshan Huijin Hengtian Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. is proposed to be listed and transferred at a listed price of 106 million yuan. It is understood that China Hengtian Group's Hengtian Real Estate Co., Ltd. holds 100% of its equity. After the transfer, Hengtian Real Estate still holds 70% equity.

In fact, the Sancheng equity of Foshan Huijin Hengtian Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. has been listed on the Beijing Equity Exchange since May 9 of this year, but it has not collected the intended transferee after the expiry of the listing on June 3, and the project is listed for extension. to date.

Foshan Huijin Hengtian Real Estate was established in 2005 with a registered capital of RMB 1 million. The business scope includes real estate development, sales and domestic trade. In 2010, Huijin Hengtian Real Estate Assets totaled 292 million yuan, liabilities totaled 1,111,700 yuan, and owners’ equity was 291 million yuan. After the assessment, the net assets were 324 million yuan. The assessed value of the transfer portion is 97,260,800 yuan.

The announcement requires that the intended transferee’s net assets must not be less than RMB 500 million, and the asset-liability ratio should not exceed 50%; the intended transferee must be an enterprise legal person engaged in investment in industrial, commercial and real estate industries. Intentional transferee shall promise that after being confirmed as the final transferee, it shall be responsible for the relevant formalities for the merger of the "Land owned land use right certificate" of the three parcels of the target enterprise according to the local planning requirements; the land for the target enterprise shall be responsible for The demolition work of buildings and buildings, and ensure that within three years, no change is made to the corporate governance structure and management and management requirements of the company.

Tianjin Songjiang (600225) divested 62.5% equity interest in Zuotang Youyi District Dongguan Zuoting Youyuan Industrial Investment Co., Ltd. and listed it at the Tianjin Property Rights Exchange Center for RMB 42.56 million. The transferee was Tianjin Songjiang (600225). After the transfer, Tianjin Songjiang will transfer No longer holds shares in Dongguan Zuoting Youyuan Industrial Investment Co., Ltd.

The remaining 37.5% equity of Zuoting Youyin is held by Fantasia Group (China) Co., Ltd. As an investment group focused on the real estate industry in China, Fantasia Group (China) Co., Ltd. waives the exercise of the right of first refusal for the transfer.

According to the announcement of Tianjin Songjiang on May 21, 62.5% of the shares of Dongguan Zuoting Youyuan Industrial Investment Co., Ltd. held by Shenzhen Meijiang South Investment Development Co., Ltd., a controlling subsidiary of the company, were publicly transferred. After evaluation, the total equity value of the shareholders of Zuo Court Right Youyuan is 5,128,700 yuan, and the listed price is not lower than the evaluation price of this part of equity.

It is understood that the Left Court and Right Bank are mainly engaged in the real estate development business, and currently they mainly develop the Dongguan Zuitian Right House Project. As the company's project is in the development stage, there is no operating income in 2010, and the net profit is -2,857,200 yuan.

In addition, the borrowing debts and fund use fees of Shenzhen Meijiang South Investment Development Co., Ltd. owed by the left court and right court totaled 117.44 million yuan. After successful transfer of the listed shares, the equity transferee must pay Shenzhen Meijiang South Investment Development Co., Ltd. 11744 million yuan of loan and capital occupation fee.

Based on December 31st, 2010, the left bank's right-hand side assessed the book value of the former owner's equity of RMB 7,336,600, after which the total equity value of the shareholders was RMB 5,128,700, the evaluation value was RMB 4,915,100, and the added value was 598.90%. Tianjin Songjiang stated that the main reason for assessing value-added is that due to the value-added of occupied parcels, land transfer plans and investment plans for the entire project can be reasonably estimated and supported by relevant contractual agreements, and the future market prospects are promising.

Tianjin Communication and Broadcasting Group "Check Out"

The 2.655% equity of Tianjin Huasha Construction Development Co., Ltd. is planned to be transferred through the Tianjin Property Rights Trading Center, with a listing price of 13.3232 million yuan. The transferor is Tianjin Communication Broadcasting Group. After this transfer, Tianjin Communication Broadcasting Group will no longer hold equity in Tianjin Huaxia Construction. The remaining original shareholders of the target company renounced the exercise of the right of first refusal.

It is understood that Tianjin Huaxia Construction is a medium-sized real estate development company with a registered capital of 300 million yuan. The top three shareholders are Tianjin Housing Construction Development Group Co., Ltd., Tianjin Binhai Investment Group Co., Ltd. and Tianjin Zhongtai Shengmao Investment Co., Ltd., and their respective shareholdings are 44%, 40% and 10.67%.

In 2009, the operating income, operating profit and net profit of Tianjin Huaxia Construction were 98.87 million yuan, 37.92 million yuan and 33.25 million yuan, respectively. In the first half of 2010, Tianjin Huaxia Construction's operating revenue, operating profit and net profit were 468.52 million yuan, 36.47 million yuan and -495. With June 30, 2010 as the evaluation basis, Tianjin Huaxia Construction's net assets assessment was 499.9302 million yuan, a 9.7% increase in the book value.

For the intended transferee, transfer the announcement request, if the intended transferee is an enterprise legal person, the registered capital shall not be less than 30 million yuan, and the total assets of the enterprise shall be more than 300 million yuan and the net assets shall reach 300 million yuan; at the same time, The client should have the same industry background as Tianjin Huaxia Construction, and hold a first class qualification certificate for a real estate development company. If the intended transferee is a natural person, a bank deposit certificate of no less than 30 million yuan must be provided.

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