The beautiful city known as "the Pearl of Taihu Lake" Wuxi proposed to take active measures on the 13th to vigorously develop the modern service industry, actively build the tourism and leisure capital, the capital of business conventions and exhibitions, the industrial design capital, and the capital of culture and film and television. City".

Mao Xiaoping, secretary of the Wuxi Municipal Party Committee, proposed on the 13th plenary session of the 11th Wuxi Municipal Committee held on the 13th that Wuxi will use the city’s efforts to speed up economic restructuring, vigorously promote the leap-forward development of the service industry, and paving the way for the construction of “City of Four Cities”. Flat road.

Mao Xiaoping said that Wuxi will give priority to the development of tourism and give play to the functions of tourism, vacation, culture, and leisure. It will systematically integrate Wuxi's rich resources of landscapes, history, and culture to build a group of tourism complexes and develop high-quality tourism and leisure products. To cultivate a group of tourism enterprise groups on the scale, promote the transformation and upgrading of the tourism industry, and create a “tourism and leisure capital”.

According to reports, Wuxi will vigorously develop the exhibition industry, rely on Taihu Expo as a leader and play its leading role, actively cultivate a group of local exhibition enterprises with core competitiveness, accelerate the introduction of a number of outstanding foreign exhibition companies and brands to join, forming a batch High-level, professional, international exhibition brand, to create "business exhibition capital."

As an important industrial city, Wuxi will also vigorously develop the productive service industry, develop industrial parks and other demonstration parks, improve the industrial design innovation system, and create an "industrial design capital." At the same time, Wuxi will focus on the development of the cultural industry, focusing on cultivating the core industrial chain of film and television media, digital networks, and cultural tourism, and accelerating the construction of a number of major cultural industries such as the Wuxi (National) Digital Film Industrial Park and the Jiangsu (National) Digital Publishing Base Wuxi Park. The project will promote the rapid and healthy development of the cultural industry and create a “city of culture, film and television”.

Wuxi, located on the coast of Taihu Lake, is a well-known land of fish and rice in China. It is also one of the birthplaces of a modern industrial city, a national industry in China, and a township enterprise in China. Wuxi, known as the “Pearl of Taihu Lake”, has become one of the top ten tourism and sightseeing cities in the country with its rich and superior natural scenery and historical culture.

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