[May Point Network] Recalling the revolutionary years, flipping through the historical scrolls, inheriting the red spirit, and experiencing the charm of red tourism...

In recent years, red tourism has flourished everywhere, and the comprehensive benefits of the four major projects of “politics, culture, enriching the people and the people” have achieved remarkable results. Since the beginning of this year, with the continuous maturity and improvement of a large number of red tourism boutique scenic spots such as Jinggangshan, Xiangtan, Yan'an, Guang'an and Linyi, there are a lot of tourists coming to visit. The localities also actively organized activities such as “Red Tourism Festival”, “Red Song Festival” and “Red Culture Performance” to vigorously explore the market, use the red tourism resources of the old district to enrich the people, prosper the local cultural market, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of the tourism economy.

With the increasing investment in the construction of red scenic spots in various places, the 30 red tourism boutique routes and hundreds of scenic spots in the country have taken on a new look. More and more tourists are embarking on the “red tour” to experience the hardships of the years and experience. Teach the joy of red tourism charm.

This year's National Day coincides with the Mid-Autumn Festival, the red tourism boom, and the market is extremely hot. This phenomenon highlights the obvious benefits of the “four major projects” of the red tourism, and also shows the strong momentum of the rapid and rapid development of red tourism.

According to the statistics of some key red tourist areas in the country, during the “11” holiday this year, the number of tourists in Yan’an, Zunyi, Xiangtan and Linyi cities was over 1 million. Yan'an received 1.51 million tourists, a year-on-year increase of 162%; tourism revenue was 557 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 105%. On October 5, Xiangtan Lushan received a total of 66,700 tourists, setting a new high for the Golden Week.

From the accommodation situation, during the long holiday period, the average room occupancy rate of hotels, restaurants and guest houses in Yan'an city and key tourist counties reached 99%; the average occupancy rate of Xiangtan star hotels in Xiangtan was over 95%; the average occupancy rate of Jinggangshan hotels was 94.2%, the average occupancy rate of hotel guest houses was 82.80%, both hitting record highs.

Self-driving tour has become a highlight of red tourism. During the long vacation, self-driving tourists from all over the country can be seen everywhere in the red tourist attractions. Jinggangshan self-driving tourists accounted for 95%. Self-driving tourists in all major red tourist attractions in Linyi City account for more than 65% of the total number of tourists.

Wang Zhifa, deputy director of the National Tourism Administration, introduced that in 2008, a number of red tourism classic scenic spots infrastructure projects were built in the old districts, greatly improving the service quality of the red tourist attractions. At the same time, red tourism has changed from a single to a diversified direction. Local governments have tried to integrate eco-tourism, folk tourism, and rural tourism into a colorful red tourism connotation.

According to statistics, from 1995 to 2008, the number of trips to Jinggangshan increased 14 times, and total tourism revenue increased 13 times. In 2008, the third industry dominated by red tourism in Jinggangshan accounted for 51.6% of Jinggangshan's GDP. In the first six months of this year, Jinggangshan received a total of 2,298,500 tourists and realized a tourism income of 1.494 billion yuan.

“Developing red tourism has promoted the development of the agricultural and sideline products industry in the old district.” Wang Zhifa said that products such as Jinggangshan developed farmhouse music, red rice and pumpkin soup have a larger market; Zunyi built Hongjun Street, and the government provided local farmers with agricultural products. The market has benefited many farmers. After years of development and construction, red tourism has become a new force to help the people get rid of poverty and promote local economic development.

"Develop a side of the red clay, and get rich in the people." Linyi is an old revolutionary area with rich red tourism resources. In recent years, Linyi has vigorously developed red tourism, which has driven the development of local economic development in many fields. The “Shoes City”, which is developed by “supporting military shoes”, has nearly 300 enterprises and realizes the “Yimeng Red Dragonfly” series of tourism products with an output value of more than 700 million yuan. It also drives local catering and food processing industries. development of. At present, there are hundreds of "red" brand products in Linyi, involving hundreds of categories, driving hundreds of thousands of local people to embark on the road to prosperity.

With the enhancement of people's understanding of red tourism, the continuous improvement of scenic spot construction, and the richness of tourism products, red tourism will become a more competitive and influential tourism brand. (Economic Daily)

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