With the economic recovery and the booming tourism industry, the passenger and cargo traffic at the Macau International Airport continued to rise. According to statistics, in January this year, the passenger traffic volume reached 352,902 passengers and the air cargo volume was 5,106 tons, up 4.8% to 83.7% over the same period last year. Among them, the number of passengers entering and leaving the country increased by nearly 20%, among which the number of passengers in Southeast Asia increased the most. The number of aircraft movements was 3,184, which was 8.7% lower than the same period last year. The main reason for the decline in the number of lifts was the peak of the Lunar New Year last year in January.

During the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger in February, all flights from Shanghai to Macau were full. Relevant people in the industry said that many Taiwan compatriots in the Yangtze River Delta region have stayed in the mainland for the New Year, and attracted a large number of relatives and friends to reunite in the mainland and take a sightseeing tour. Among them, only 50,000 Taiwanese businesses have stayed in the country for many years. The people on both sides of the strait have been "walking relatives" and have been diligent. By plane, they have chosen Shanghai-Macau-Taiwan flights, and there are more passengers. It is natural for Macau flights to be hot.

During the Chinese New Year, a number of airlines opened flights at the Macau International Airport. Viva Macau ("Viva Air") opened the Macau-Taiwan route on the Lunar New Year's Eve, providing three flights a week to and from the two places. In addition, the direct express line of Shenzhen-Taiwan temporary terminal sea-air intermodal transport has been opened recently. It is expected that more passengers will take the Clipper from Shenzhen to Macau International Airport to transfer, which will play a positive role in expanding the source of passenger flow at the Macau International Airport. From February 1 to 21, the Macau International Airport recorded an air passenger volume of 270,047 passengers and air cargo of 2,169 tons, an increase of 20% over the same period last year. And 21%, during the Lunar New Year period, passenger and cargo traffic increased by 5.8% and 262% respectively compared with last year. The major markets were more prominent due to the improvement of the economy and global trade, and promoted the development of the local tourism and logistics industry. The holiday coincides with the Western Valentine's Day, which increases the desire of residents to travel outside.

In line with the pace of recovery in the civil aviation industry, Macau International Airport continues to actively expand the mainland and international markets, and is more active in maintaining liaison and governance with airlines across Asia. Passenger and cargo traffic at the Macau International Airport is expected to continue to rise. At the same time, the Macau National Airport will continue to strengthen cooperation with airlines, the tourism industry and travel agencies to jointly expand domestic and international markets.

Since the financial tsunami broke out at the end of 2008, the civil aviation industry in Macau has suffered successively. In addition to the sharp decline in the world economy, the sharp rise in oil prices, and the direct improvement of cross-strait relations, the reduction of flights between Macao and Taiwan has made it difficult for Macao civil aviation operators to operate. On the other hand, in recent years, the rapid development of the Macao economy, the tourism and gaming industry has become increasingly vigorous, and external traffic has not kept up with the situation. The civil aviation industry believes that the key to solving the problem is inseparable from the handling of the route franchise. The airport franchise has always been in the hands of the SAR government, while Air Macau Co. Ltd. (Airport Co., Ltd.), which owns the airline franchise, has no controlling stake in Macau. Since the New Year's Day this year, Qantas has raised the fuel surcharge on the route, which is also the mainstay of Air China, not the Macao SAR government.

When the Macau International Airport was officially put into operation in 1996, only 12 airlines connected to 17 destination cities, with a traffic volume of about 1.3 million. Today, there are fifteen airlines connecting 28 destination cities. At the peak of 2007, passenger traffic reached 559 million. The international financial tsunami, direct cross-strait shipping, fuel price hikes and various rising costs have caused Qantas, which failed to change its business strategy early, to almost collapse. Today, the Macao SAR government's forthcoming policy of moderately diversified economy has won strong support from the central government and created unprecedented opportunities for the development of the civil aviation industry in Macau. Now, the Macao SAR government needs to re-adjust its local civil aviation policy so that the number of passengers at the Macau airport will continue to grow, and it will bring a diversified source of customers to the local government in order to meet the moderately diversified economic policies of the SAR Government.

The Asia-Pacific Aviation Center recently published a research report stating that with the economic recovery in the region, the Macau aviation industry began to recover lost ground in the past two years. However, the report pointed out that Macao, as a market with high growth potential in the Asian aviation industry, has been struggling in the stalemate of development strategy, aviation policy and aviation operation since 2007, and needs to be reorganized and set off. This year is a fundamental change in the aviation industry in North Asia. It is an opportunity for the transformation of the aviation industry in Macau, but it always faces risks that lag behind Japan, South Korea and the Mainland. Unless the direction, ownership and policy issues of the airline industry in Macau change, the future development will still be hindered. Therefore, the aviation industry in Macau has only developed steadily this year. The aviation industry in North Asia will break even this year, and Macau may take longer.

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