On Friday, due to Christmas holidays and no major economic events, the movement of the foreign exchange market was mainly driven by data. However, due to the limited funds in the market and the limited driving power of the data itself, the foreign exchange market showed a volatile market trend. Risk currency pairs fluctuate, with the euro declining slightly by 4 points against the US dollar, while the Australian dollar has risen 13 points throughout the day as a result of strong Australian dollar demand, while the pound has fallen by almost a hundred points. European and US stocks rose moderately, with the Dow, the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq rising by 1.02%, 0.9%, and 0.74 respectively. The British Financial Times Index rose by 1.02%. The German DAX Index rose by 0.46%. The CAC 40 index in Paris and the IBEX 35 index in Spain rose by 0.99% and 0.94%, respectively. Gold and silver are following the EUR/USD trend to maintain a narrow range, with gold opening at $1605.5 per ounce, closing at $1606.65 per ounce, up to $1613.75 per ounce, and the lowest at $1602.65 per ounce, which fell by $1.15 throughout the day; silver opened at 29.0950 USD/oz, which closed at $29.0725 per ounce, up to $29.425 per ounce, and the lowest at $29.0275 per ounce, fell by $0.0225 throughout the day.

France's third-quarter domestic GDP decline France's third quarter GDP quarter rate announced at 14:30 GMT on Friday increased by 0.3%, lower than expected and the previous value increased by 0.4%, and its third-quarter annual rate increased by 1.5%. Increased 1.6% over the previous value. After the release of the data, the fear that the euro zone economy of the market players is entering a recession has increased. If there is a risk of deflation, the European Central Bank may implement further quantitative easing policies, which will increase the downward trend of the euro.

Relative to the French data pointing to the recession, the U.S. data was firmer. Although the U.S. personal income and consumption figures were weaker than expected in November, the U.S. November monthly rate of durable goods orders announced in the same time period improved significantly. The figure is an increase of 3.8%, which is significantly better than the expected increase of 2% and the previous value.

Sun Lizhen, a senior currency analyst at IKON Forex Group, pointed out that gold is currently viewed by investors as a risk asset and follows its trend. On Friday, the gold daily line has a negative line, which has recovered from its MACD. In the model, its relative strength index has continued to operate within the weak zone since entering the weak zone on November 17th, and there has been a further decline in the K-line and index observations.

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