I saw the stills from "Giant Trading", some of which were taken at the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Dubai. This reminds me of last year's trip to Dubai. I also visited the Sheikh Zayed Mosque and walked into the Sheikh Zayed Mosque with a faith.

I saw the stills from "Giant Trading", some of which were taken at the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Dubai. This reminds me of last year's trip to Dubai. I also visited the Sheikh Zayed Mosque and walked into the Sheikh Zayed Mosque with a faith. Looking back now, I still feel that there is something in my heart that is stirring. It is a visual feast because the Sheikh Zayed Mosque is so luxurious!


As Ma Weiwen, the director of Huge Trading, said: “Zhayed Temple is the most luxurious mosque in the world... This mosque is not only painstaking in appearance, but also connotation is extravagant and luxurious, creating many world firsts. Surprisingly. For example, there are walls carved with Qur'anic verses, each of the scriptures is plated in 24K gold; 15 Swarovski custom-made crystal lamps, each worth $13 million. Also in the world. The largest hand-woven Persian rug, with a total carpet area of ​​5,627 square meters, the materials are top cashmere from Iran and New Zealand, with more than 1,200 female hand-weavers, 20 technicians and 30 workers over 18 months. Cheng.” In the beautiful scenery of Dubai, the Sheikh Zayed Mosque is another kind of beauty, another kind of luxury beauty.


Sheikh Zayed Mosque is named after Sheikh Zayed, the first president of the United Arab Emirates. Sheikh Zayed was once the king of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The projects for the construction of this mosque are undertaken by the world-famous 38 engineering companies. Everything is world-class, sophisticated, and luxurious. It employs 3,000 workers and the construction project lasted for 12 years. It cost $5.5 billion. As you can imagine, how many people have spent the effort, can not luxury, can not shock people?

The Sheikh Zayed Mosque is built on the main road extending in all directions. In front of the gate, it is very spacious, which further sets off the mighty majesty and luxury of the Sheikh Zayed Mosque. In the shape design of Sheikh Zayed, the traditional model is adopted, with a 57-meter-high dome in the middle, surrounded by towering minaret, each tower is 107 meters high, surrounded by high walls and gates. There are 57 decorative small domes on the side door. The inner and outer walls and domes are made of the finest quality marble and white plaster, sparkling and crystal clear. Entering the gate is a spacious vestibule of 17,000 square meters with bright colored marble on the floor. The entire complex is wrapped in white marble from Greece, and it feels luxurious.


Many of the decorative pieces of the Sheikh Zayed Mosque are custom-made in the world, with construction materials from all over the world. The inner walls are of the highest quality marble veneer, and the roof is decorated with seven gold-plated copper giant chandeliers. The largest one is a 10m diameter and 15m high. The lamp in the prayer hall is made of Austrian Swarovski crystals, worth millions of dollars!


This is the world's largest Persian rug in the Sheikh Zayed Mosque. It is a whole piece. If it is not luxury, I really don't know what can be considered luxury!


The colorful flowers are set on the wall of the white marble, and then the scenery outside the window is really beautiful. It is not like a mosque.

In the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, you should not be too arrogant, and you should not be too exaggerated to laugh. I entered the Sheikh Zayed Mosque with a sincere heart, but after coming in, I was shocked by the luxurious scenery in front of me, and even forgot to pray. I have never seen such a mosque, a different kind of beauty, a different kind of luxury. The luxurious view of the Sheikh Zayed Mosque is engraved on my hard drive and engraved in my heart.

Sea Freight to Australia/Newzealand

Sea Freight to Australia/Newzealand
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