Most of the long-term travel quotations in the “Eleventh” Golden Week have been released. It is expected that the travel agencies of this city will start the registration peak of domestic tourism next week. In terms of price, the general increase of each line in this year is more than 10%. The long-term tourism products in the south are still the leading products of the National Day holiday, and the line with the highest increase even doubles the price.

The peak period of the “Eleventh” holiday travel quotation has actually started from the end of September, and the price at the end of the month is almost one day, and the highest price peak is reached around October 3. "In September, the price of 1600-1700 yuan in Yunnan, Kunming, Dali, Lijiang, including the fuel cost of the infrastructure on the 6th double flight line, the highest offer during the "11" period reached 3,400 yuan, a full double." Classic holiday international travel agency country internal manager Wang Kun revealed that the Yunnan line quotation is one of the biggest increases in the domestic long-term line this year, and its price level is basically the same as last year's National Day. According to the current known quotation, the price of Yunnan Kundali line on September 29 was 2,500 yuan, and the highest price peak was 3,400 yuan from September 30 to October 2, and the price began to fall back to 3,100 on October 3. Yuan, the price of the line was 2,800 yuan on the 4th to 5th, and the price of the line fell to 2,200 yuan on the 8th to 15th, which basically fell back to the regular offer in the autumn season in October.

The Xiamen line is also one of the products with a relatively large price increase this year. It is understood that Xiamen Shuangfei's 5th regular product price in September is 2300-2500 yuan, and the highest price during the golden week is 3,500 yuan, an increase of more than 40%.

Another traditional hotspot line, Hainan Tour, has seen a large increase in prices this year. On weekdays, the regular 5-day pure play group with a price of 3100-3200 yuan, the highest price for the holiday is 4,200 yuan, and the increase rate has reached more than 34%. Among them, the price quoted on September 29 is 3,400 yuan, the highest price on October 2 is 4,200 yuan, the price on October 4 is 3,700 yuan, the price on the 5th is 3,200 yuan, and the price on the 7th is 3,100 yuan.

The East China route, which generally has a price of around 2,000 yuan, is still a product with high attention to the "11" domestic tourism. Ren Dajie, the internal manager of Tianjin Youth Travel Service, said that the price increase during the National Day of the East China Line was generally around one or two percent. Due to different hotel conditions and scenic spots, the prices and increases of the routes were different, but the price of the East China line as a domestic mid-line product. Relatively stable, there will be no big price increases like Hainan and Yunnan. (Tianjin Net - Daily News Anyuan)

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