Yesterday, the reporter learned from the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing that the growth rate of China's logistics industry is expected to slow further this year, and the ratio of total social logistics costs to GDP will remain at around 18%.

Under the enormous pressure of rising costs, the average profit rate of the logistics industry has dropped to 4.4%. This year, the logistics industry will usher in a number of favorable policies, including the reduction of land use costs in the logistics industry. He Liming, chairman of the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, revealed that the current land use tax adjustment plan for logistics companies has basically taken shape, and the policy to reduce the use of cost is expected to be introduced in the near future.

According to the current "Provisional Regulations on the Use of Urban Land Use Tax of the People's Republic of China", the annual tax for land use tax in large cities is 1.5 to 30 yuan per square meter, which is substantially higher than that before 2006 of 0.5 to 10 yuan per square meter. Generally speaking, the land use tax of logistics enterprises has increased by a factor of three, and some land-use tax rates for enterprises with storage are increasing by more than ten times. Operational pressure is felt.

According to the latest data, from January to November, the main business cost of key logistics enterprises nationwide increased by 28.4% year-on-year, which greatly reduced the profit margin, while the space for price increase of logistics services was very limited. In November last year, the freight rates of large and medium-sized road transport companies rose by only 1.4% month-on-month and 4.2% year-on-year. The freight rates of small and medium-sized enterprises fluctuated at low levels.

He Liming predicts that in 2012, the total value of the total logistics and logistics industry will increase by 11% and 13% respectively, which is lower than the growth rates of 12% and 14% last year. However, with high logistics costs and low efficiency, China's total cost-to-GDP ratio will be reduced by 1 percentage point, which will bring in more than 400 billion yuan in economic benefits.

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