"Oh, the dormitory has air-conditioning, oh, the country's third, male-female ratio is only 7 to 1 Oh! The library is Hogwarts have wood!" At the moment, although the college entrance examination has passed, but because of voluntary reporting methods and different time, for many For foreign candidates, the report is still in the golden season of volunteering. The reporter found that many colleges and universities used micro-blogs to use the above-mentioned humorous language to start a “campus micro-advertisement”. Once launched, they instantly sprayed the netizens and users. Candidates.

The self-proclaimed library is Hogwarts. Since then, Hogwarts has had microblogging. The student-source war is no longer confined to the traditional "Admissions Advisory Council," and it is more cliché than the "teachers, employment direction" that parents like to talk about." The main goal of the "Weibo Wars" is aimed at the "buyers" who are the candidates of the third graders. For this reason, all sorts of weird rhetoric, even a small detail can be taken for granted. For example, this year Shanghai Jiaotong University used "Taobao" in order to "advertise" itself. This move immediately attracted many candidates who were brushing Weibo. "It's reported to Shanghai Jiaotong University. Oh, the dormitory has air-conditioning. The third is that the male to female ratio is only 7 to 1. Oh, the Jiaotong University Library is Hogwarts (the name of the magic school in "Harry Potter") There is a wood! There is a family with a KTV has a spiral staircase with solid wood flooring and wood There is also the only free high-speed campus network in the country, the zoo, and the botanical garden... Come and kiss the admission notice!”

The message of the examinee who read this post reflected that even though the short one hundred words were firmly grasped their hearts, Xiao Zhang from Hunan told reporters that it was more abstract than those that each enrollment school used to show off. Data, such a playful "advertisement" can better impress him. "Of course, we don't necessarily decide to volunteer because of advertising, but just a few words make me have a vivid image of the life of Jiaotong University in my mind, like a library. Although this detail is small, it appeals to me."

The "microblogging war" universities and colleges all take the cards. If the college entrance examination is that students are fighting for a good school to get out of the woods, then reporting on volunteerism is another battleground where major schools resort to all kinds of sources. With the reduction in the number of candidates, the awareness of competition for acquiring students from universities has become stronger and stronger, and a variety of online "lobbying utterances" have arisen as a result of one more force. It is reported that these arguments are mostly caused by the hands of students.

The reporter noted that in the most recent week, microblogging has been used to vividly promote the “microinformation on campus.” It has not only turned to Jiaotong University, but also Fudan University, Shanghai Foreign Language Institute, and Shanghai Polytechnic University. Humorous, humorous, intuitive, and fun way of expression not only makes people feel unbearably jealous, but also has a more intimate knowledge and understanding of the campus.

"Advertising" excerpt @ Fudan University:

3 subways around, out of the Wujiaochang major shopping district, dining and entertainment shopping IMAX readily available. The four colleges of Red Orange, Blue and Green feel Hogwarts atmosphere. The highest teaching building in the country, the whole school is free of charge, and the dormitory has three rooms, one living room and one bathroom. It can be accessed continuously for 24 hours, and there is no hot water but air conditioning will be installed soon. The male-female ratio is 1:1. The campus culture is not insignificant, petty boons loves holy land, and Shanghai is a paradise for internships.

@Shanghai International Studies University:

211, quasi 985, never ceaseless power, never stop the net, never check it out, the climate is pleasant, affordable food, campus harmony, and leadership polite! Frequent international exchanges, romantic atmosphere of love, few handsome guys, beautiful women get together. At the end of the college entrance examination, warm reminders: Welcome to Shanghai Foreign Studies University, love to be on the outside! If you come, you do not want to go!

@University of Shanghai Technology:

The longest tree-lined avenue (the scenery is pleasantly suitable for love) and the largest gymnasium (the gymnasium in Shangli is the largest in Shanghai, who would dare to be bigger than us, so we will expand the building!!!), and the largest number of male students Elegant ...), with mixed dormitory (only one, limited places, first come, first served), late night power outages. The ideology class is all open. P·S notice mail oh pro-

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